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The Child Gone
This project is a true collaboration. I photographed Seta, a 16 year old girl, and her friends in and around the town where she lives, Montclair, New Jersey, over the course of a year. Seta and I have put my photographs, together with her writings and artwork into a book. The entire book can be viewed here. view book The result is an extended portrait of Seta, part portrait, part self-portrait. view gallery

Deserted States of America
The deserts of the American West hold a particular fascination for me. Born and raised in England's green and pleasant land, I've lived in busy, crowded cities since my late teens. The vast open spaces of the West are a place of silence, wonder and mystery. I like to get lost there whenever I can. view gallery

Six Man Football in West Texas
Football is important in Texas. The tiny, remote towns of Far West Texas are often too small for high schools to sustain a regular football programme, sometimes having less than 50 students, boys and girls, in the school. In that part of the country Six Man Football thrives. Devised in Nebraska in 1934, the game is played throughout West Texas today and is a big part of small town life. The game is fast and high scoring and all kids, whatever their abilities, can play their part. I loved my time out there and remember well the thrill of driving an empty desert road towards a distant patch of green under lights burning bright in the Texas night. view gallery

World of Speed at Bonneville Salt Flats
Each September a band of friendly, dedicated motor enthusiasts, speed addicts, gather in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Salt Flats of Western Utah, to race their home engineered cars and motorcycles against the clock. It's a place so flat that you can see the curve of the earth, a place of blinding whiteness, of relentless sun, of no shade and a place of wonderful eccentricity. view gallery

The Plant That Ate the South
Anyone familiar with the American South will know that throughout the summer months large parts of the countryside are swathed in a green leafy plant that will cover anything in its path. It smothers abandoned buildings and drapes over trees, large and small, giving the landscape a magical, dreamlike quality. Kudzu, a leafy vine, was introduced from Japan in 1876 as an ornamental garden plant. It was promoted to farmers in the 1920s as a forage plant for animals and was later used to control soil erosion. It grows as much as a foot a day throughout the summer and in 1972 was officially declared a weed. view gallery


Strange, I've Seen That Face Before
Throughout my career I've shot many commissioned portraits for a great variety of clients. Here is a selection of some of the people I've been lucky enough to meet and to photograph over the years. view gallery